When it comes to TV shows, I'm as simple as I am when it come to food.I don't subscribe to the fancy Netflix, even when I did, I only watched shows that I've seen before. But, I do have a weekly schedule of shows that I watch every week, even if it's a re-run. Yes, I'm that boring!

1. Modern Family

I not only watch this every Wednesday on ACB, I also watch the repeats on USA #MOFY!

2. Any Bachelor / Bachelorette Series

The Bachelor series usually has something for me year-round. Whether it's The Bachelor, The Bachelorette or Bachelor in Paradise, I will watch them all!

3. Celebrity Family Feud

Actually, I love most game shows, but this is me favorite to play along with.

4. The Goldberg's

I was late to the game on this one, so even the older episodes are new to me!

5. SNL

Some episodes are funnier than others, obviously, but I never miss SNL, even if I have to watch it later on DVR!



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