There are now 2 types of people in the world; Fans of "This Is Us" and people that you need to cut out of your life LOL! If you are in the group that just has to say dumb things about a show that you can't appreciate, take my advise, and steer clear of the following...Unless you like being alone in the world.

1. "I just couldn't get into it".

Are you some sort of Tin Man robot without a heart?! If you watched the first episode, and didn't get it, I would encourage you to try it again. It might take you longer to really appreciate the detailed writing in the story lines, and how the past helps shape the future.

2. "Why do you want to watch a show that makes you cry"?

I'll admit, I feel like I need my Tuesday night cry session. The few times that I haven't cried, I felt a little let down that I didn't get too sad. But, it doesn't just make me cry, it makes me smile, and appreciate family time more.

3. "How can you be so sad about a TV show? It's just a show".

First, I'll refer you back to #1. Yes, we feel empathy for the "Characters", but it's usually linked to something that has happened in our own lives. Even though it's a show, every episode has something that I can relate to. So, if someone seems extra emotional on Wednesday mornings, cut them a little slack.

4. Avoid the following words: Fire, Dog, Dish Towel, Big Game & Croc Pot

These are all trigger words that fans, like myself, will have a hard time hearing for a while. Oh, and if your name is Jack, you're going to need to change it, or use a nick name.

5. "Kevin isn't even that hot".

I can't help you with this one. Clearly, you have bad taste ;)

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*The first episode gave us the gift of Milo Ventimiglia's bare butt. If that might offend you, don't watch this. Otherwise...Enjoy & you're welcome ;)

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