*Spoiler Alert Ahead*

Season 2 of This Is Us answered a lot of our burning (Sorry,too soon) questions. We know how Jack died, why Kevin turns to painkillers, and where Kate's guilt comes from.

Great! Now what?

The preview for season 3 has already given us so many feels, and questions.

1. What is wrong with Toby?

We see him in bed, and Kate is taking care of him. Is it his heart, or something else?

2. How serious is Kevin's new relationship?

We see him on a plane with Beth's cousin. Are they on their honeymoon? Aren't they kind of related?

3. What in the world is happening with Randall's family?!

The scene with older, graying, Randall opened the door for a plethora of back stories, and questions! How far in the future are they? Is that a dream? Where is Beth? Who does Tess not want to see? And, if we are to believe that we are seeing current day Pearsons, how do we even get that far into the future??

We will have all summer to ponder these questions. Season 3 doesn't have a premiere date yet, but it will probably be in September.


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