It's time to cash in on your kid's good grades...I mean, it's time to treat your kids to freebies, because of their good grades! I think it's awesome that businesses actually reward students for report cards. I don't remember this happening when I was in school, or maybe I didn't have A's.

GattiTown - Students with all A's will receive $5 in game play. A's & B's will get you  $3 in game play.

Wayback Burgers Students with all A's can get a free kid's meal, with the purchase of an adult meal.

Krispy Kreme Students receive 1 original glazed donut for each A (You can only get up to 6)

Walther's Golf & Fun Students can play a round of putt putt.

G. D Ritzy's Depending on your child's grades, they can receive a scoop of ice cream or another menu item (Like a burger)

Sometimes businesses change their offer, or limit it. It's a good idea to double check how long the offers are valid.

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