Most of the time, when you think about Easterseals, you probably only think about the kids that receive therapy. I attended the Kick-Off Luncheon, and found out that Easter Seals is so much more than that!

We heard from the 2018 Adult Ambassador, Tim Bowling. His Easterseals journey has really come full circle. Tim received therapy as a preschooler, because he has cerebral palsy. Then as an adult, Tim turned to Easterseals, after he suffered a fall at work. His wife, said that Easterseals truly saved his life.

I was brought to tears, after hearing 5 year old Walker Vaught's story, and actually hearing him speak. Before he was born, Walker's parents found out that something was wring with the umbilical cord. Doctors didn't know if he would ever sit, stand, or speak. Easterseals changed all of that! Today, Walker plays, he can climb, sit, and stand. He really loves to jump! His dad spoke about how Easterseals basically made him a liar, in a good way. He had no idea how much the therapy could help him, even as an infant.

Easterseals provides so many programs, and they can't do that without the donations from our community. Next Sunday, April 8th 2018, WEHT will host the 41st Annual Easterseals Telethon. If you've ever wondered how much they charge Easterseals to have their all day programming, it's ZERO! Every year, they have donated the air time, and production work. See all of the programs Easterseals offers here.

Here’s how you can give to the Telethon!


Area businesses will match ALL pledges made during the Telethon on April 8, 12-6 p.m.!

Tune in to the live broadcast and call our special pledge numbers!

OR give online ANY TIME at OR pledge by phone in advance of the Telethon by calling Caylee Elpers at 812.437.2607!