I can't believe we're already talking about the 2022 Indiana State Fair. I guess it's fitting that the fair is called Fun at the Speed of Summer because this year is flying by. Actually, the name has nothing to do with how quickly the time may or may not be passing for you - it's actually all about celebrating "Indiana's Automotive Excellence."


Indiana State Fair Details

The 2022 fair runs from Friday, July 29th through Sunday, August 21st at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. The fair will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during those three weeks. Along with all of the yummy food, and rides, and food, and exhibits, and food, there is a bunch of great entertainment to see. I'm talking about entertainment that people would gladly pay a bunch of money to see, except at the state fair, it's free.

Hoosier Lottery Free Stage

Your paid admission into the Indiana State Fair allows you to see some really amazing musicians. This year's lineup includes some heavy hitters from the past (nearly) six decades, from all genres of music. You'll get to see classic rock, R&B, contemporary Christian, golden oldies, and country. Keep scrolling to see the lineup and make plans to attend.

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KANSAS - Friday, July 29th (opening day)

The band from the Jayhawk state has been making music for nearly 50 years. Kansas is a staple on every classic rock station in America, and for good reason. You can see in this video that these fellas can still bring it every night.

Chaka Khan - Wednesday, August 3rd

Big hair, big voice, big personality, and big hits. Seeing Chaka Khan in concert is a must for any fan of R&B music from the 70s and 80s.

Chaka Khan
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Zach Williams - Sunday, August 14th

It's hard to think of too many contemporary Christian musicians bigger than Zach Williams right now. His raspy, soul-filled voice instantly grabs your attention and keeps it.

Zach Williams
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Happy Together Tour - Wednesday, August 17th

We're going back to the 1960s for this concert, featuring The Turtles, Gary Puckett & The Union Gap, The Association, The Classics IV, The Vogues, and The Cowsills.


Carly Pearce - Friday, August 19th

You probably don't need me to tell you that Carly Pearce is a young country star on the rise - selling millions of records and winning all kinds of awards. This will undoubtedly be one of the biggest shows at this year's state fair.

Carly Pearce
Getty Images for Country Music H

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