Just about every non-profit fundraising event previously scheduled in the last year or so had to be either cancelled or dramatically changed. Too many got cancelled altogether, and many others morphed into some kind of virtual event. Don't get me wrong, in a year like 2020, something is definitely better than nothing, and luckily these organizations were still able to find ways to raise much-needed funds. I say all this because, in most cases, the revised events weren't nearly as fun/good/successful as the originally planned events, but I really don't think that's the case for one of Granted's signature events.

For the past five years, Dishes for Wishes has been one of the biggest and best events for Granted. In previous years, Dishes for Wishes was a one-night event - but in 2021, the modified event will be a week-long (April 26-May 2), and will involve even more restaurants, bakers, bakeries, and sponsors. I think the sixth annual Dishes for Wishes will allow even more people to participate and will hopefully raise more money than ever before.

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What is Dishes for Wishes?

Through partnerships with a number of amazing bakeries, bakers, and restaurants, this week-long event (April 26-May 2) will allow ticket holders to visit each venue to sample their delicious baked goods one time throughout the week for free! (grantedtristate.org)

How Can I Buy Tickets?

There are a couple of different ways to get your Dishes for Wishes tickets. One way is to purchase tickets through the event page on Granted's website. You can also purchase tickets via cash or check through a board member or at the Granted office, located at 4445 Commerce Street, Suite 108 in Evansville. You can also make a donation to Granted by texting the word "GRANTED" to 243725.

If you need more information than that, I think we will have you covered with our conversation with Teri Barnes, the President of the Granted Board of Directors. Take a listen below.

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