No matter where you live in the Tri-State, you are probably seeing a winter wonderland. Today's high temperature is only expected to be in the teens, so it looks like we'll keep this snow around for a bit. Of course, before it melts, we have to document the snowfall. After all, this is the most snow we've seen in the Tri-State since 2015.

I have not seen an official total, but it's clear from your photos that we all received enough to last the rest of the winter. Wayne Hart does say we'll see another round of snow beginning Wednesday afternoon. You'll want to follow his Facebook page, to see his updated forecast later this evening.

Here's what the National Weather Service says about the next storm;

Yet another surge of wintry precipitation is forecast to arrive
Wednesday night and last into Thursday. This system could bring
significant amounts of wintry precipitation to all or portions of
our region. The primary precipitation type appears to be snow at
this time.

They are not specifying an exact amount of snow, but hopefully you have enough french toast supplies to keep through the weekend.

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