The new year brings hope of positive change, unfortunately, 2 businesses are beginning 2019 by closing.

As of 11 pm Hoosier Land Pizza &WINGS&PUB/ former Pizza Chef Restaurant &Pub is Closed.
I have tried to provide Quality Food at Competitive Price while all along providing support to various sports teams,individuals,churchs and other organizations. I want to say thanks to all the people that have supported me along the way.
I will miss all the people and groups that were apart of a Legacy that is now done.
If any one would be interested in purchasing all the equipment and furnishings contact me at 812-457-4106.
Cary Beckner

I want to thank all of those customers who supported us the past 10 years. I have seen many of you here lately and I have spoken to many of you. You are what drove me and all my employees to come to work everyday. There are some of these customers who I don't know how they will survive without Beef's. Heaven knows they never cook at home, but I hope you'll survive somehow. I have seen relationships get started, kids grow up and start thier own families, and to many other things to mention have happened inside those 4 walls. But I just hope you all know that I did this for everyone who wanted to come sit down and have a good meal, watch a game, and drink a cold beer.

Lastly, I have to thank my wife and kids for putting up with all the ups and down this crazy life has made for us these past 10 years. It has been really hard missing so much time away from doing things I coudn't do with you guys. But I hope you know I did it to make life better for all of us. The big problem is that you will have my undivided attention now. You think you're ready for that? Lets just hope this next chapter will be as rewarding as this chapter was.
With love and thank you!


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