Three months ago, thousands of Indiana teachers made the trip to Indianapolis to lobby for higher wages.The 'Red for Ed Action Day 2019' was one of the largest rallies at the Indiana Statehouse in 20 years. The rally certainly brought a lot of attention to our children's education and how underpaid their teachers are. Maybe you're wondering if anything can still be done about this - Yes, there is.

There is currently no bill to provide additional revenue this session to close the teacher compensation gap. While there have been attempts to amend bills to use surplus dollars for teacher compensation, those amendments failed on party-line votes.


It is not too late for lawmakers to amend an existing bill to include a good-faith, down-payment this session on solving Indiana’s chronic teacher compensation shortfall.

HB 1002 would permanently decouple the state requirement that schools use student test scores in teacher evaluations. Teachers should not be judged by a student’s performance on a single test, especially when we know that these test scores are significantly driven by factors like trauma and poverty.


HB 1002 passed out of the House 100 – 0. It deserves a vote and passage out of the Senate as well.


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Alex Craig
Alex Craig
We talked with Miss Craig (Alex) on the day of the 'Red for Ed' rally. She is a third grade teacher at Daniel Wertz Elementary, and share her thoughts on her career choice.

"I think hearing people say, “ teachers knew what they signed up for” might sting the most.

Beginning my masters program was such a debate, and the only thing holding me back was knowing that I would be putting myself in debt knowing that when I graduated I wouldn’t get paid more. I did it anyway, and needed people to remind me that I’m doing it for other reasons, not the money.
I knew what I signed up for, and I did it anyway.

I feel guilty a lot of the time for pursuing that dream. But why? Well, I have a family. Dylan and I will eventually have kids that I need to support, but instead, I put my family in debt knowing I wouldn’t get a single cent for it. Maybe someday right?

I have been Miss Craig to six different classrooms full of students, and Coach Craig to now four different teams. I do not regret a single day of choosing this profession. I’m lucky to play such a small role in their lives.

- teacher
- advocate
- role model
- social worker
- band aid giver
- extra snack finder
- mentor
-Safe place
- cheerleader
- pencil sharpeners
- entertainer
- paper grader
-pep talker

The list goes on..

I take parent calls at 6am and 8pm.
Student needs a pencil? Here’s mine.
Student needs a hug? Here’s mine.
Student needs a pep talk? Let’s talk
Students home life is scary? You’re safe with me.
Student doesn’t get reading? Let’s small group.
You need basketball shoes? I’ll find you some.
Your mom can’t make it to a game? I’m in your corner.
You’re performing at fall fest? I’ll be there.
Grandparents night? Can’t wait.
Trunk or treat? You better believe I’m dressing up.
Teacher talent show? Count me in!
You’re a parent and need help finding a tutor? Call me.
You’re running late for pick up? No worries.
Art is the thing your best at? Let me hang that up.

We did it for your kids. I became a teacher for your kids. I furthered my education for your kids. The reward being that I’m better at my job now.'

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