If we are being honest, I think we all can agree that we have gotten lazy with our spelling. For more than five decades, we have relied on our computers and other devices to alert us to misspellings. These days you don't even have to make any changes - your device will automatically correct the mistake for you. If you're typing fast enough and not paying attention, you may not even realize you spelled something wrong.

Fun fact: The first spell checker was invented in 1971

I recently asked our audience to share some words that they always struggle to spell correctly. There are a couple of words that always trip me up, and I was curious to see other words that give people problems. Come to find out, my list kept getting longer with each comment that came in.

Fun Fact: The most commonly misspelled word in Indiana is "acknowledge"

I noticed that a lot of the misspelled words had something in common, and this is the presence of double letters. It seems a lot of folks (myself included) have a problem remembering which part of the word has the double letters - "Are there two c's and one s in occasionally, or one c and two s's?"

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I compiled a gallery below that consists of 10 fairly common words that regularly get misspelled. Some words contain the dreaded double letter, or the always tricky "i before e" scenario, or they just don't sound like they are spelled. I included how the word is often misspelled, followed by the correct spelling.

I would caution you not to be too quick to judge for some of these misspellings. The more you think about these words, the more likely you are to start questioning which really is the correct spelling. Your brain might start playing tricks on you. Haha!

10 Words That Folks in Southern Indiana Struggle to Spell Correctly

I'm sure if you thought about it, you could come up with a word or two that you always struggle to spell correctly. I'll admit, the first word on this list is one that gets me every time. What about you?

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