I grew up in Princeton, or P'ton, as the locals call it. Princeton has changed a lot over the past few years, with Toyota, Free Parking is mostly a park now, and there's an Applebee's! But, if you grew up there, like I did, you know that there are a ton of things that only we would know about.

1. Utley's Ice Cream

This was one of my favorite places! Utley's was a walk up ice cream shop, located on East Broadway, next to my Dentist, ironically. They were only open during the summer, and I remember getting so excited when it was time to see those yellow lights turn on! Sadly, it's gone & there is a gas station there, now.

2. Skateworld

Another one of my favs growing up. I remember going there, and bugging the DJ to play my favorite songs. Evidently, my taste in music was not the most popular. He never played my INXS or Richard Marx, but maybe subliminally, that's why I'm in radio LOL!

3. The Courthouse

Sure, there are plenty of towns with courthouses, but do any of them have a Dept. 56 collectable? There is a piece that looks just like the Princeton courthouse, and I spent around $150 to get one!

4. Golden Heritage Days

This fun fall event is centered around the courthouse square. It's held the 3rd weekend of September, and features vendors with food and homemade items. Most of the booths are fundraising groups. I had so much fun playing Family Feud, hosted by Nick Michas. And oh, those cinnamon rolls!!

5. Trains

If you drive down Broadway, there is a good chance that you will be stuck by a train. The overpass is always the best way to go. I remember when they were making repairs to it, and it was basically gridlock at any given time of the day.

6. The Movies

Ok, technically, it was called The Princeton Theatre, but we always just called it "The Movies". There were only 3 or 4 screens, and the upstairs one, was so small. One time, I asked the manager if I could have one of their posters (I think it was Karate Kid) And he told me, "No, we just put them in the attic, until they collect barnacles". I didn't know what a barnacle was at the time, but clearly, he was being sarcastic. The theatre has been restored, and features live productions.

7. Underground Tunnel

No, not a subway system, an actual tunnel that led from Lowell school to West St. I went to Lowell, and we would gather around the grate in the playground, and yell into it, to hear it echo. Fun times.

8. The Lion Drinking Fountain

My favorite park to go to, is Kiddie Park. It had the coolest stuff to play on, like the spin saucers and a twisty slide. And of course, the giant lion water fountain, at the entrance. You actually stick your head into the lion's head, to get a drink.

9. Dick Clarks

This is basically a Princeton Treasure. You could park, and  a carhop would take your order, and bring it out with a tray that attached to your window.  They have amazing cheesburgers, chicken, ice cream, and pizza. Dick Clarks is kind of hidden in Princeton, but it's definitely worth seeking out.

10. Burr's Donuts 

My goodness, I miss this place! The chocolate icing was basically from heaven. I had my first job interview there. I didn't get the job (I was only 15) It's probably for the best, I would've weighed 500 pounds!

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