It's Throwback Thursday!  So, today, I'm remembering one of my favorite concerts I attended back in the '80's!  

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One of my all-time favorite concerts was "Live Aid" held simultaneously in Philadelphia, PA  and at Wembley Stadium in London, England UK with gobs and gobs of groups and artists like Madonna, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Hall & Oates, and a Led Zeppelin reunion at the end of the night with Phil Collins on the drums.  It was an all-day affair starting in the morning at the JFK Stadium (outdoor) and ending at nightfall.  And it was HOT & HUMID that day!!! Local fire trucks entered the stadium and used their fire truck hoses to cool us off.  Too bad the water didn't reach our seats!

Spectators at JFK stadium in Philly could also watch the concert going on in the U.K. on a huge jumbo-tron when there was a stage break. That was really awesome, too.

It definitely was one of my all-time favorite concerts!

Here's a pic of the t-shirt!  The event helped raise money for the relief of the ongoing famine in Ethiopia.

Live Aid T-shirt; credit by Deb Turner


Live Aid t-shirt; credit by Deb Turner