Kindness and Good Deeds Make You Feel Good All Over
It wasn’t a national day of giving or any special day that I recall. On this particular day, I went for a walk in the downtown Evansville area to get some fresh air and sunshine. Ahead of me, I saw a man with a cane and as he got closer, he asked me if I had some money to spare for an ol…
It’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!
December 15th is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Last year, I bought ugly Christmas sweaters for all of our family and I think they liked them! Or, maybe, they just pretended to like them. Haha! Take a look!
Project Reveal Embrace Your Body Photo Gallery - NOW ONLINE!
Project Reveal is my non-profit organization. Our mission is to tell stories to inspire and empower women and girls.
Embrace Your Body and celebrate our life journeys through photography. We have photographed over 30 women telling their stories in hopes of inspiring others. Let's stand together and e…

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