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Kindness and Good Deeds Make You Feel Good All Over
It wasn’t a national day of giving or any special day that I recall. On this particular day, I went for a walk in the downtown Evansville area to get some fresh air and sunshine. Ahead of me, I saw a man with a cane and as he got closer, he asked me if I had some money to spare for an ol…
It’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day!
December 15th is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day! Last year, I bought ugly Christmas sweaters for all of our family and I think they liked them! Or, maybe, they just pretended to like them. Haha! Take a look!
Fake Adam Levine Tried to Catfish Deb
I was tweeting with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 today! Last night during NBC's The Voice, I tweeted Adam Levine how impressed I was with Addison Agen's performance. He asked me how long had I been a fan.