One of our favorite things to do on the MY Morning Show is our weekly feature with Officer Taylor Merriss and other members of the Evansville Police Department - a segment we call You Down With EPD? Actually, Taylor is more than just 'Officer' Merriss - she is the new Special Projects Coordinator for the EPD. One of the best job perks she has is getting to be a part of the annual trip to Disney World as part of Cops Connecting With Kids. In fact, Taylor and the other chaperones are preparing to take another group of deserving middle school students to the Magic Kingdom next week (June 28th).

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A big chunk of our conversation this week revolved around this magical, once-in-a-lifetime trip. It's the first time Taylor has been to Disney with Cops Connecting With Kids, and her first chance to see first-hand the impact this trip makes in those student's lives. We are so excited for her and the students - we are 100% jealous of her too!

You Down With EPD? Officer Merriss Prepares for Disney World

Cops Connecting With Kids

Founded back in 2014, Cops Connecting With Kids was created to use the joy and fun of Walt Disney World to build trust and understanding between law enforcement and youth. As of this year's trip, Cops Connecting With Kids has enabled 332 kids to experience the Disney Magic!

The trip serves as an amazing reward for middle school students that have proven to do the 'right' thing - whether that's through grades, athletics, community involvement, positive attitude, or all of the above. Each student is nominated/selected by their teachers and school administrators, and they are given the trip of a lifetime, with every expense taken care of.

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