The WWE is making its triumphant return to Evansville when Smackdown comes to town on Friday, November 5th. If you've ever been to a live WWE show, then you already know how much fun they are. If you've never been, you don't know what you're missing - and we're gonna give you a chance to change that.

I got the chance to see the WWE live one time, and I loved it! The fans are so into the action, and it gets pretty rowdy - In a fun way.

Win Free WWE Smackdown Tickets

All this week (November 1 - November 5) We have your chance to win a pair of WWE Smackdown tickets with The Most Totally Awesome Radio Contest. We'll play you a snippet of a wrestler's walk-out song - You name the wrestler and you win!

Here's an example of how the game works.

Listen to our interview with WWE Superstar, Drew McIntire


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WWE Smackdown will be at the Ford Center in downtown Evansville on Friday, November 5th, 2021 at 6:45 pm. Tickets are still available to purchase here.

Listeners are only eligible to win every 30 days.


Look Inside Shaq's Enormous Waterfront Florida Mansion

There are so many grand features inside Shaq's waterfront mansion in Florida. The 31,000 square foot home has a custom rock waterfall, a basketball court and an aquarium room. See photos, below!

How to Take Professional Quality Photos with Your Phone

About eight years ago, when my daughter was really little, I asked for a fancy camera from my husband. I never buy anything for myself and he always spoils me when it comes to gifts so I did hours and hours of research and finally picked what I wanted - a SONY A37 DSLR. You pretty much can't buy it anywhere now but at the time, it was perfect for me. I mostly took photos and video of my family but once in a while I was asked to photograph a wedding or senior photos. I'd always start with - I'm not a professional photographer. If you want professional - HIRE a professional.

Fast forward to 2021, and now I have a fancy phone that has a fantastic camera built-in. Now, my advice is still IF YOU WANT PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS, HIRE A PROFESSIONAL but if you can't afford one or want a couple of basic fall pics of your kiddo or family, here are some tips I picked up from classes I've taken along the way.

Front Row View of Blues Traveler in Concert at The Victory Theatre

On September 21, 2021, Blues Traveler came to the Victory Theatre in Evansville while on tour promoting their new album Traveler's Blues. The remainder of that tour was canceled just a few days later after frontman John Popper was injured in a bus accident.
Big shout out to our friend, and talented photographer, Nick Durcholz of Farthingtonfauxtoe for these great pics.

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