Dorcas Reilly, the inventor, and creator of the green bean casserole died at the age of 92. She is known as the “the mother of all comfort foods”. 

Dorcas worked for Campbell’s in the Home Economics department. Her and the test kitchen team and was asked to create something using green beans and Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup.

After a few tests, the team settled on the “Green Bean Bake”, a 6-ingredient casserole that included cream of mushroom soup, green beans, soy sauce, milk, black pepper and a topping of French fried onions. It took only 10 minutes to prep and another 30 minutes to bake.


At one time the casserole included ham, onions, lima beans, and even corn. Now the famous Thanksgiving staple has multiple versions, including one with frozen green beans and a slow cooker version. Source

Who doesn't have green bean casserole at Thanksgiving? It's a staple at our house and we all have Dorcos to thank! YUM!

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