There's an episode of The King of Queens called Trash Talker. It's one of my favorites, because Jon Favreau - Yes, the Marvel genius, co-stars as Doug's arch nemesis from elementary school. He told the lunch room that Doug ate pudding from the trash. Doug insisted he didn't, but the nickname Trash Can Licker stuck. They met again as adults and let's just say they hashed it out in a ball pit, at a kid's birthday party. By the way, you can stream all of the seasons on the Peacock app.

Am I procrastinating telling you my own trash can story? Maybe just a little bit. Okay, so if you've listened to our show, you might've heard me talk about how important my chapstick is. I always have at least one Burt's Bees with me. I should really carry more than that.

As I was packing up to leave last week, I realized that my beloved Burt's Bees was missing! How could this be? Where could it be? I checked the floor, my office, my coat pockets, and then it hit me...I might've thrown it away. I'll just confess the rest to you.

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Well, Amanda has a really good point here: 'I love ya but I was gagging watching this and just thinking about it! And I’m so confused... the pizza place can’t cut your pizza but you can use loogey chapstick?' ‍♀️

To be clear, if I thought that Bobby's loogey had onion in it, I would've left my chapstick behind. I realize that does not make it any better!

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