Where do babies come from in the movies? When I see a commercial or movie with a tiny baby, I always wonder, who's baby is that?! Is it someone from the set? Does someone know a mom that agreed to this? How do they find these babies?

Turns out, it's like everyone else in Tinseltown...they are actors. Can they even work that young? Yes! According to the California child labor laws, a baby can work as early as 15 days old with a note from a physician.

In some states, like Kentucky, Wyoming, Utah, Tennesee, and Kansas, there are no age restrictions on acting gigs.

Like all actors, these babies have agents and managers. There is a slew of regulations in terms of how many hours they can work which is why sets prefer twins and triplets.

My question is, what parent is thinking of this when their infant is 3 weeks old. Most importantly, what parent of multiples is thinking about this, I was simply trying to keep my triplets alive at that point-- and me from falling asleep standing up.

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