Here's what you need to for for Monday January 28, 2019:

Weather from Eyewitness News: Cloudy with occasional showers, possibly turning to snow as temperatures drop. High today in the upper 40’s. The polar vortex starts to move in tomorrow bringing cold temps. High tomorrow in the mid 20’s...and single digits on Wednesday!

"Spread the Vote" is now in Evansville. It’s a non-profit organization that will help people get an ID free of charge, allowing them to vote, apply for jobs, get housing, receive medical care, and much more.

The government shutdown is least for now. After 35 days, federal employees are headed back to work today...but could find themselves furloughed again in 3 weeks.

Mayor Winnecke will make a major announcement this afternoon at 2:30 p.m. at the Civic Center.It is about a workforce housing investment in the Jacobsville neighborhood.

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