Sugar Daddy's, Jaw Breakers, Mary Jane's, Candy Buttons, Rock Candy, Stretchable Hard Candy Necklaces, Root Beer Barrels, Bazooka Bubble Gum and more are just some of the candies I remember growing up as a kid! 

I don't know what they had here in the Evansville area, but in the small town of Springboro just outside of Dayton, Ohio, I remember a man driving around in a big yellow and red truck with a loud bell ringing throughout the streets.  All us kids would run out to stop him to buy our favorite sweet confection, when our parents gave us permission of course.

We also had a Ben Franklin in town that was like an "everything store"  that sold candy out of large bins.  I loved Bazooka Bubble Gum with the Bazooka Joe comics and fortune.  I also loved the Stretchable Hard Candy Necklaces and the Candy Buttons.

Bazooka Bubble Gum credit Deb Turner
Candy - Mini Sugar Daddy's; credit Deb Turner
Candy Buttons; credit Deb Turner
Mega Jawbreakers candy; credit Deb Turner

What was some of your favorite candy growing up?  #ThrowbackThursday  #RetroCandy