My barber, ALEX ROCHA, is the man. He has to be really skilled to make a mutt like me look semi-presentable. I trust him completely, even when he wants to try a brand new product on me...even if that means putting a popsicle stick in my nose.

Bobby with a stick in his ear

The newest addition to The Parlour Barber Shop's menu is waxing a dude's ears and nose. I certainly have plenty of hair in both of those areas, so I was a perfect candidate for this service.

It really works! My nose and ears haven't been that hairless since I was a prepubescent lad. And it lasts for several weeks too. And maybe it's a guy thing, but there was something cool and satisfying about seeing all those tiny hairs stuck to the wax. Looks like a magnet picked up metal shavings...or some sort of newly discovered species of snail! That all came out of one ear...good Lord!

Hair from Bobby's doggone ear