Your child being hurt is one of the scariest parts of being a parent. We just want to keep our kids safe, right?!

My kids are 8 and 5 and we have told them numerous times about electrical outlet safety. "Don't stick anything in the outlet, it's very dangerous!" We recently started letting them plug in their own tablet chargers.

Yesterday, Jillian, who I think is the smartest of the triplets -- sticks a freaking key in the outlet!!!!!! She is FIVE....I assumed we were past this stage in our life.

I was standing a few feet away from her and I heard a loud POP and black smoke coming from the end of the counter. I look over and she is holding a charred key and a scared look on her face.


I rush over and pick her up and assess her. She is fine -- totally fine. I assumed she would have been electrocuted or worse. I held her tight and talked to her again about how dangerous that is, but I wanted to yell at her and ask her why in the hell she would do that!!!


If you ever wondered, 'what will happen if my kid sticks a metal object in the socket?" Now you know. Sigh

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