You might assume that a Division Chief for the Evansville Fire Department would be a pretty serious person. It's a pretty serious job, where people's lives are at risk - both the victims and the firefighters - so, sure, you want someone who takes it seriously. For most of the general public, we only see our first responders in serious or professional situations. Not many of us get to see their human side, their silly side. That's another reason why Liberty and I love to play This or That, because it gives us a chance to get to know our guests - often some pretty serious people - as real, ordinary people.

EFD Division Chief Mike Larson is our most recent This or That guest. We made him (actually, we just asked him) to choose between the Boilermakers and the Hoosiers - I'm sure you're curious to hear his answer. We asked him a question that reveals his proficiency (or lack thereof) with technology. And, finally, we made him choose between two really cheesy firefighter comedies - there's really no correct answer for that one, but Chief Larson played along anyway. He was a great sport, and we had a really good time talking to him. Take a listen to his episode of This or That below.

EFD Division Chief Mike Larson - This or That

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