You can tell a lot about a person just by hearing their phone ring. There has been some "Scientific"research about this, and what your ringtone says about you. But, I decided to do my own "Unscientific" research with my friend's ringtones.

Factory Tone 

If you haven't taken the time to set a personalized ringtone, maybe you are just really busy. I would think that you are kind of an old fashioned person, and you like simple things.

Sappy Country

If you have a ringtone like this one, you are probably single, and looking to settle down. You're fun, with a side of crazy. I think you might be living in the past if your song is not a current one.

Robot Ringtone

You are very techy, and like figuring things out. I would also say that you are a bit quirky.

Movie or TV Themes

Obviously, this would depend on the actual theme you choose. But, in general, I think you're funny, and want to get everyone's attention when your phone rings.

Favorite Artist

This is where I fall. My ringtones are almost always a Matchbox Twenty song. It's usually a lovey song, unless I'm feeling a little crazy. When that happens, I default to "Unwell".




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