You probably heard about the West Side Nut Club member who was injured early in the week at the 98th annual Fall Festival. That member's name is Grant Johnson and on October 8th he fell from the back of a side-by-side while running some errands on Franklin Street.

Grant sustained a head injury and has been hospitalized ever since. According to the Facebook page Nuts for Grant, he underwent surgery to control bleeding in his brain. Doctors then placed him in a medically induced coma while they monitor his condition.

To make this situation ever more serious, Grant does not have any insurance right now. You can imagine how quickly these medical bills are stacking up. The West Side Nut Club is doing whatever they can to help Grant and his family. Several booths, last week, donated a portion of their proceeds to Grant - and now you can support him by purchasing a special "Nuts for Grant" t-shirt. Donations for the Johnson family can also be made at Old National Bank.

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For more details on these fundraisers and to follow Grant's condition, visit the Nuts For Grant Facebook page.

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