The West Side Nut Club has always been so very generous with the money they make each year at the Fall Festival. Thanks to the mind-blowing success of the new Fall Festival half-pot cash prize, this has been, far and away, the biggest year of donations for the Nut Club.

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At a business meeting this week, members of the Nut Club voted on and approved over $176,000 in donations to dozens of local organizations. Check out the list below and see if your organization is included.

  • Evansville West Public Schools (8 at $4000 each) $32,000
  • Evansville West Parochial Schools (7 at $4000 each) $28,000
  • Mater Dei High School Evansville $22,000
  • FJ Reitz High School $22,000
  • Evansville Area High Schools 7 schools at $2000 each) $14,000
  • University of Southern Indiana $13,500
  • Vanderburgh County CASA $10,000
  • Boys & Girls Club of Evansville $10,000
  • Young & Established $5,000
  • Granted $5,000
  • Perry Township Fire Department $3,500
  • Westside Christian Daycare $3,000
  • Parenting Time Center $2,000
  • Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra $1,200
  • Birthright $1,000
  • Mater Dei High School Supermileage Team $500
  • Warrick Literacy $500
  • Westminister Preschool $500
  • Churches Embracing Offenders $300
  • Camden Hancock Foundation, Inc. $500
  • DRUMS on the OHIO $125
  • Kickers SAY Soccer $500
  • Marian Educational Outreach - My Parish Has Talent $500
  • Tri-State Food Bank, Inc. $500
  • Howell Par 3 Ladies $100

[Source: Facebook/West Side Nut Club]

With this round of donations, it brings the total amount of money given out by the Nut Club to $361,475 for the year so far. Visit to request funding/donations for your non-profit organization.

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