I could be giving up my dream of owning a business just by sharing this with you. Of course, I would need to win the lottery to actually make this a reality.

What's My 'Shark Tank' Idea?

Well, I guess you could call it a Dog House idea - Ha! You know how we have the River Kitty Cafe in Downtown Evansville? What if we had something similar, but for dogs, and instead of cafe drinks, it served beer?

This Video Explains it Better

The World's First Dog Tap House is For Sale

Fido's Beer, Dogs & Pizza is located in Oregon. They own the trademark to call themselves 'The World's First Dog Tap House'. It just so happens that it is for sale, and you could open it anywhere. Ok, you are really just buying that trademark, and the built-in name recognition and established social media presence. For a mere $60,000 you could start your own Fido's right here in Evansville.

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What If We Call It Something Different?

It does not sound like a solid business decision to spend 60K on naming and trademark rights. I think the concept would go over quite well around here, and we would have a built-in option for more doggies to be adopted.


Name Ideas

The possibilities are endless when it comes to naming a cool place like this.


I've got a whole list of them, but again, I'm just the idea person, not the bank LOL.


Don't Drink and Adopt

There would have to be a wait period policy, so that someone doesn't throw back too many cold ones, and ends up with ten dogs. Only the sober can actually adopt them.

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