It's easy for me to forget, sometimes, what so many young people have been forced to give or or forfeit during the coronavirus quarantine. I guess I'm fortunate because my kids just finished up 10th and 7th grade, so they didn't have to miss prom or graduation. Aside from a bunch of virtual homework, the quarantine has been pretty kind to my kiddos. That's not the case for a lot of young people, not only in the Tri-State, but all around the country.

Just think back to your senior year of high school. You probably (hopefully) have some really good memories. In my case that was 27 friggin' years ago, and I can still remember some things like they were yesterday. I have great memories from my prom, my last year of high school baseball, an awesome trip to the Smoky Mountains with show choir, graduation, and countless hours just hanging out with friends at school. Now I try to imagine how I'd feel if, let's say even half those things were taken away. That's what too many kids are going through right now. It's got to be heartbreaking to think about all of the 'what could have been' situations.

A group of talented young musicians with the River Brass Youth Band are undoubtedly bummed out about missing their big concert. As a parent of two band kids, I can testify to how much time and effort goes into learning new music and preparing for a show. There's a sense of pride and wanting to sound great, and there's a sense of excitement and joy to share that performance with family and friends - to show off the delicious fruits of your labor.

All the various cancellations have just forced people to get more creative in finding other ways to share their talents. For the River Brass Youth Band, that meant getting as many members as possible to come together, virtually, to funk things up for us. And to that I say "Make my funk the good funk, I wants to get funked up!"

So, here they are ladies and gentlemen, right here for you tonight...a collection of middle and high school musicians from southwestern Indiana and western Kentucky, performing from their living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and garages, channeling Bruno's the River Brass Youth Band with a funktastic version of Uptown Funk.

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