During  one of our regular chats with Rob Rhodes this week, we found out that Ron was in a promo featuring Judge Judy. After I picked Bobby up from the floor (Listen to the audio clip for more on that) We had to find the video and watch it. Thanks to Youtube, we ended up finding several more, very entertaining local news promos.

If you grew up watching the news with your parents in the Tri-State, these will really take you back. You'll see some familiar faces like the legendary Marcia Yockey and David James. Bur first, please enjoy this television gold featuring the one and only Ron Rhodes.

And now, let's go back to the 1980s, and watch Brad Byrd in action.

Sometimes the promos took on a more serious side of the news, but with an 80's action twist.

Another legendary weather man, friends, this is Lloyd Lindsay Young.

Okay, this is just gold.

Early 1984 Eyewitness New WTVW TV 7 with Randy Moore.

These days Mike Blake hosts his own portion of a midday talk show, but back in the day he was all about the sports.

I love Jeff Lyons, and as you'll see here this horse really got a kick out of him. He's just horsing around...Okay, I'll stop with the puns.

Even if you are not from the Evansville area, you have probably heard of Marcia Yockey. Long ago, women that reported weather were sometimes called 'Weather Bunnies'. Marcia was the opposite of that stereotype. Her zany way of reporting weather was something we all looked forward to watching. She's actually the reason Ron Rhodes decided to become a meteorologist.

Oh yes, there is another amazing promo featuring David James at the grocery store.

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