Chris Rexing from Wadesville, has been growing his hair out for 5 years. That’s a long time to go between haircuts, so Chris wants to make sure he makes the big cut really count!



His goal is to have as many people as possible, donate through his GoFundMe. The money will go to a cause that is close to Chris’s heart: The Highland Challenger Baseball League. His son, Caydence, has been playing on the team, that lets kids of all abilities play, for quite some time. Not only that, Chris will be donating his hair to the Children With Hair Loss organization, in memory of Keegan Chupp.

I have been growing my hair out for the past 5 years, and feel it is a perfect time to say goodbye to my long locks to help out as many people as I can at once.  Before this is done, I am challenging everyone who knows me to donate as it will be benefiting more people than you think.  Once the donation period is over, I will be giving all the money raised on here and in person, to my son Caydence's baseball league, the Highland Challenger Baseball League . Highland Challenger Baseball gives ALL kids with disabilities or medical conditions the ability to play.  My son has been playing in this league for a while now, and he becomes a new kid on game days.  Being able to swing the bat, field the ball, run bases, and be with the other kids really makes his day. In addition to raising money for the Challenger League, when I cut my hair it will be donated to help kids with cancer/hair loss.  The organization I chose to send my hair to is Children With Hair Loss (CWHL), and will be donating to that in memory of Keegan Chupp. I encourage everyone I know to donate something, no matter the amount.  The donations will be going to an organization I feel gives kids like my son Caydence, who has 48XXYY Syndrome, Autism, and a list of other "quirks",  the chance to play baseball and make friends doing it. Seeing all of the kids playing is really something everyone should experience in person. Everyone who donates here or cash/check in person I will make sure has their name read and/or displayed where I can to make it known that you helped make kids lives better. Thank you everyone! -Rexx-

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