*UPDATE: Wednesday, June 9th

Thanks to your votes, Bosse Field has cruised through the first two rounds of the online Best of the Ballpark tournament, hosted by BallparkDigest.com. I've been following the competition, and so far it hasn't been much of a challenge for Bosse Field - but now we're on to the Sweet 16, and things are getting serious.

In this third, Bosse Field is up against Suplizio Field, which is home to the Pioneer League's Grand Junction Rockies. Apparently, they have some pretty loyal fans too, because as of right now, Bosse Field has a very slight lead (51% - 49%). Voting for the Sweet 16 ends on June 13th at 2pm Central - and you can vote multiple times, but you're limited to one vote per day.

I realize this is just a silly online competition that really doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things, but I just think it would be really cool to win. I think it would be awesome to be able to say that Historic Bosse Field was voted as the Best of the Ballparks winner. I think it would equally awesome for the Evansville Otters to see what amazing fans they have - fans that were willing to go online every day and vote for their beloved home stadium.

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Original Article from June 2nd

Throughout the years, Evansville's Historic Bosse Field has given us so many great memories and experiences - countless baseball games, festivals and events, and even a few shining moments on the big screen. So of course we love Bosse Field, and we're proud of it. We'd put Bosse Field up against any other ballpark in the country, right? Well right now, Bosse Field is actually going up against a bunch of other ballparks, and it needs your support.

BallparkDigest.com is hosting their 2021 Best of the Ballparks tournament featuring home fields (a total of 45 ballparks) from four Major League Baseball partner leagues - the American Association, the Atlantic League, the Frontier League (Go Otters!), and the Pioneer League.


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