Beginning September 15th & 16th, weekends get a little spookier and a lot more fun at Lake Rudolph Camp Ground in Santa Claus, Indiana. Here's what you need to know before you go!

Kat Mykals

If you're wondering how you could possibly stay entertained all weekend long at a campground in Santa Claus, Indiana, I think you'll find that there is actually plenty to do to keep you busy! From hayrides to trick or treating, dance parties and costume contests, crafts and pumpkin painting there is literally something for the whole family.

I had my first experience with Halloween Weekends at Lake Rudolph Campground last October. While Shawn and the girls had been before, this was my very first time and was really impressed with just how much fun the weekend really was! Here's what you need to know.


Book Early

Seriously. There are people who have been booked for their stay at the Lake Rudolph Campground since last fall! The RVs and cabins go fast. If you have your own RV or want to tent camp, that's an option too!

Kat Mykals



Check Often

If you didn't book early, check back often on their website. A lot of those people who booked last fall will cancel last minute, giving those of us who don't plan in advance the chance to snatch up a stay.


Arts & Crafts

They offer up a ton of great activities for the kids including a big arts & crafts section where they can get creative!

Kat Mykals

Golf Carts

If you can afford it - splurge for the golf cart rental. These too, go quickly so book early. There will be a lot of walking when you trick or treat or take a late night stroll to see all of the decorations. Plus you can decorate your golf cart!


Bring your costume. Even if you don't typically dress up for Halloween, you may just want to join in the fun. Nearly everyone, young and old, dresses up in costume!

Kat Mykals


This is the fun part! Get creative!!! There is a site decorating contest and some of the folks go all out! It's great to see and great to be a part of it!

Comfortable Shoes

If you don't splurge for the golf cart (or they run out of them!) be sure that you've got some comfortable shoes. You will be doing a lot of walking to take in all of the decorations and do some trick or treating!

Kat Mykals


If you don't plan to go trick or treating, then you probably ought to bring some candy to pass out to those who do!

Camp Stores

There are a couple of camp stores where you can buy most of what you need while you're there but I would suggest that you try your best to plan ahead.


Aside from the usual things you'd pack for a trip - toothbrushes, clothes, shoes - be sure that you bring towels, washcloths, sheets, blankets, etc as those things are not provided in the rental.

Kat Mykals

Holiday World

If you can, try to make time to visit Holiday World during their Happy Halloween Weekends. It's a lot of fun with all of the fall decor. The lines are much shorter and the weather is cooler!


Halloween Weekends at Lake Rudolph Campground are a great family experience and you should definitely check it out if you have a chance! They kick off the weekend of September 15th & 16th and run every weekend through October 27th & 28th.