Some astute observer - someone with way too much time on their hands - recently pointed out a very small detail in the movie Shrek that has rocked the world. Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic, but I promise once you see it, your mouth is gonna drop open - you might even gasp. It's a detail that, as far as I know, has been overlooked for 20 years. It doesn't rise to the level of ruining or even changing the movie, but it certainly does add a dark note to the otherwise light-hearted 2001 comedy.

Maybe this moment was meant to get a laugh, but I doubt it. In my personal opinion, I think it was meant to be an Easter egg - something 'hidden' by filmmakers that only super observant viewers will notice. The TikToker who spotted this detail shows us exactly what we need to look for - he even narrates for us. Take a look.

Did you ever notice the bear before this video? What an easy-to-miss detail. I'm curious how many times this guy had to watch Shrek before he spotted that. I mean, that's a really small detail to catch, especially considering there were three different scenes featuring the bears.

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So, does that change how you feel about Shrek? Sure, it's a little dark, but Shrek isn't exactly devoid of jokes aimed at adults. Yeah, it's a kid's movie, but there is a lot of humor that young people just won't understand. I mean, the main antagonist is named Lord Farquaad for crying out loud - adults know what that's all about.

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