Have an older car or truck that's still in good condition, or know someone who does? Visit Evansville would like to talk with you.

According to a post on their Facebook page earlier this week, the city's tourism bureau is looking for residents who have "old work trucks, a '70s-'80s era ambulance, a 70s-80s era hearse and a 70s-80s station wagon/SUV" that would be willing to give a film crew coming to the area access to them.

The post does not go into any further detail as to who the film crew is or how they'll use the vehicles. I attempted to get more information by sending Visit Evansville a message through Facebook, as well as by e-mailing Hailey Reynolds who is listed in the post as the person to contact if you have one of the vehicles they're looking for but had not received a response as of this writing.

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Could this be for a documentary? Maybe a TV commercial? Perhaps it's for a TV show or movie? Someone who commented on the post said they had heard it was for a new movie called Kin Folk with Russell Crowe and Scarlett Johansson. I did a quick search of both actor's profiles on IMDB (the Internet Movie Database), and neither has anything remotely resembling a project called Kin Folk listed as one of their upcoming projects. I also searched "Kin Folk," and while several results popped up, one being a six-minute short film released sometime this year, another being the title of an episode of The Deputy Dawg Show in 1960, there was nothing by that name listed as being in pre-production, or currently filming. So, while anything is possible, I'll say this theory is not.

Whatever the reason, if you or someone you know has one of the vehicles they're looking for, you can contact Hailey at hreynolds@visitevansville.com.

[Source: Visit Evansville on Facebook]

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