I'm so sad to give this update about little Max. He has been found, but it's not good news. Here is Tracy Gorman's message on Facebook: 

Thank you to everyone who looked for and prayed for our sweet Max. Unfortunately, we found him this evening and he is deceased. But he is back home with us! We sure loved our almost 14 years with that little guy. I never really wanted a dog, and then Max came to us! We sure loved him! Thanks again! My family appreciates your thoughts and prayers!

I don't normally write 'Lost Dog' articles, but this one is extra special to me, and needs to get back to his owners. Fellow dog parents, you know what it's like when your baby has to do business in the wee hours of the morning. We're half asleep, usually waiting by the door for them to finish up. I'm always worried when Harlie takes a little too long, that something might get her (We live in a critter neighborhood).

Max went out for a little potty at 3:30 A.M. Sunday morning, but he never came back home. Max is not one to just run off. He is an older fella, and at 14 dog years it's difficult for him to see and hear. Max only weighs around 8 pounds and is wearing a “police dog” collar. He is missing from the Lakeridge Crossing area of Newburgh.

Max belongs to one of the nicest families you'll ever meet. Her dad is Tracy Gorman. He is the President and CEO of the Evansville Rescue Mission. Tracy would help anybody in need - He does everyday! That's why I had to share his urgent request to find his little dog. There is now a $700 reward for his return. If you have any information, please send Tracy a message or call him (812) 421-3800.

Max Photo: Tracy Gorman
Max Photo: Tracy Gorman
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