Over the years, I have gotten to know a little bit about Ron Rhodes, the man, not just the meteorologist. Thanks to our daily conversations during the MY Morning Show I have learned, among other things, that Ron is NOT a fan of hot dogs – not at all! I also learned that Ron is a man of his word, despite his hatred of wieners.

Ron and his morning co-host Jake Boswell both graduated from Owensboro high schools - Ron from Owensboro Catholic and Jake from Owensboro Apollo - and they bet on which football team would win over the weekend. Ron's team did NOT win, and he was definitely regretting the wager. What was at stake? The loser had to eat a can of Vienna Sausages AND drink the juice (I honestly just shivered in disgust just from writing those words). You gotta admit that's a pretty nasty challenge for anyone, let alone someone who doesn't like hot dogs to begin with.

I was lucky enough to tune into WEHT just in time to see Ron do the honorable thing and pay up on his lost bet, and it was as awesomely cringe-worthy as I expected. Luckily, Ron shared the video on his Facebook page for all to see. Ron tries to improve his situation with a special 'trick' up his sleeve, but I'm not sure if it helped or made things worse. Watch and decide for yourself.

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