We can expect smaller crowds at Target stores beginning Saturday, April 4, 2020. The retail chain is dedicated to keeping shoppers and their team members safe during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to metering how many shoppers are in the store at once, Target will give its team members in stores and distribution centers face masks and gloves to wear at work, while continuing to encourage healthy hygiene habits as provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Here are the steps Target is taking to flatten the curve according to a press release:

Store Traffic Monitoring and Metering

To promote social distancing with its team and guests, Target will monitor store traffic, and meter, or limit, the number of guests inside stores, when needed. Occupancy limits will vary by location and be determined by the store’s specific square footage to enhance the average space per person and reduce the possibility of congestion. If metering is required, a Target team member will provide a designated waiting area outside with social distancing markers.

Face masks and gloves for all frontline Target team members

Target will provide all team members in stores and distribution centers with high-quality, disposable face masks and gloves to wear at the beginning of every shift and strongly encourage that they be worn while working. Shoppers with Shipt, the same-day delivery service owned by Target, also will be able to obtain masks and gloves at stores across the country. All stores and distribution centers will receive face masks and gloves within the next two weeks.

Donations to the medical community

On top of Target’s previous donations of anti-viral and N95 respirator masks to first responders and healthcare professionals at more than 50 organizations across the country, the retailer also announced that it will donate an additional 2 million KN95 respirator masks to the medical community. It will continue to explore ways to secure additional inventory for those in critical need.

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