The COVID pandemic really pulled back the curtain on the issue of food insecurity in communities all over the country, including here in Southern Indiana, and with the price of food (and everything else) continuing to rise, we are seeing more and more families in need. The Tri-State Food Bank continues to help as many people as possible, and they will now be able to reach more people than ever with the help of a new piece of technology.

Tri-State Food Bank

The Tri-State Food Bank recently launched a new online map that will help connect people that are experiencing food insecurity with organizations in their area that can help. The mobile-friendly, and user-friendly map can be found at

Heather Owens, the Programs Director of the Tri-State Food Bank, has this to say about the exciting new map...

Our new online platform, or hub, offers a mobile-friendly map and digital network of food banks and food pantries. Our neighbors will have improved access to vital services in our communities and will be able to see locations near them, their operating days and hours, services offered, documentation required (if any), and much more!
Tri-State Food Bank Map

More Than Just a Map

This platform, powered by Vivery, is way more intuitive than just "some digital map." It includes the following features:

  • An interactive online map with a searchable directory of food distribution sites with up-to-date schedules, times, directions, and programs.
  • Allows users to easily change the language so neighbors can access the food they need in the language they speak.
  • Users can also search by zip code or address to ensure they find the right food at the right time and place.

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Here's what the Tri-State Food Bank's Executive Director, Glenn Roberts, says...

This interactive, easy-to-use online map will be a powerful tool to help our neighbors in need find food assistance. We hope that by easing a family’s burden of locating food resources they will gain more peace of mind in knowing where their next meal is coming from.

More About the Tri-State Food Bank

Tri-State Food Bank works with a network of over 300 food pantries and feeding programs throughout 33 counties in the Tri-State. With the help of volunteers, donors, and member agencies, Tri-State Food Bank distributes over 14 million pounds of perishable and non-perishable foods annually to local individuals, children, and families who face hunger.

A HUGE Thank You

This project was made possible by the Thierer Family Foundation, which strategically funds innovative technology projects, including Vivery, to modernize access to food and significantly change the way an organization can serve its target audience.

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