KY Water Over Road Report (D2) 10 a.m. UPDATE

As noted below, floodwaters have receded at some of these locations. We anticipate water continuing to drop through the day, so some of these locations may clear out. The one exception is KY 2157 in Daviess County which is closed due to a washout and may require extended repairs.

Henderson County
KY 1557 @ 2-3mm CLOSED
KY 812 @ 4-5mm CLOSED
KY 1163 from 3mm to Carter Creek Road CLOSED

Christian County
Overnight Christian County had high water issues at the following locations. However, all of these locations are now reported as open or clear.
US 68 @ 10-11mm
KY 695 @ 9-10mm
KY 1007 @ 1-2 mm
US 41 @ 21-22 mm
US 41@ 22-23 mm
US 41 @ 14-15 mm
KY 115 @ 5-6 mm
KY 109 @ 9-10 mm

Muhlenberg County
KY 1163 MP3-Carter Creek Rd. CLOSED

Union County
KY 760 MP 1.8-2.5 CLOSED
KY 760 MP 1-2mm Water Over Road signs posted
KY 141 MP 4.6-5.0mm Water Over Road signs posted
KY 492 MP 9.8-10.4mm Water Over Road signs posted
KY 1177 MP 1.9-2.3mm Water Over Road signs posted
KY 758 MP 2.7-2.8mm Water Over Road signs posted

Daviess County
KY 2157/McCamish Road 2-3 CLOSED due to wash out