Working in the tight quarters of a jail or prison requires a certain level of personal protective equipment (PPE) on a regular day. The staff has to deal with blood and bodily fluids, and the occasional surprise, like lice. Yikes.Throw COVID-19 into the mix, and that can be a deadly combination, without the proper supplies. The Green River Correctional has a scary amount of positive cases. As of May 5, 2020, they were reporting 342 inmates and 57 staff members testing positive for the coronavirus.

My husband and I have both worked in the corrections field, and we are worried about our friends that are in danger of catching COVID-19, because they do not have proper PPE. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indiana reached out to the Gibson County Sheriff's Department, to see how many face shields they would need for the staff. Captain Deborah Borchelt tells me the department let TMMI know that they would need around 50, and at least that many were dropped off.

In addition to the supplies, TMMI has donated $100,000 to the United Way of Southwestern Indiana and $11,100 to support 3 blood drives with the American Red Cross.

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