Throughout the years, Evansville's Historic Bosse Field has given us so many great memories and experiences - countless baseball games, festivals and events, and even a few shining moments on the big screen. So of course we love Bosse Field, and we're proud of it. We'd put Bosse Field up against any other ballpark in the country, right? Well right now, Bosse Field is actually going up against a bunch of other ballparks, and it needs your support.

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Get our free mobile app is hosting their 2021 Best of the Ballparks tournament featuring home fields (a total of 45 ballparks) from four Major League Baseball partner leagues - the American Association, the Atlantic League, the Frontier League (Go Otters!), and the Pioneer League.

Round one of the tournament is underway now, and Bosse Field is the #28 seed, which makes no sense to me. You're telling me you can think of 27 other ballparks ahead of Bosse Field? I don't buy it - but I digress. Bosse Field is currently going up against Volcanoes Stadium out in Keizer, OR. I just cast my vote and now it shows Bosse Field with a slight 52% to 48% lead. As of this writing, there is only one day left to vote in round one, so don't wait. Saving your vote for a later round does us no good if we don't advance past round one.

I realize that this is a silly and meaningless competition, but it would be cool to win nonetheless. Wouldn't it be awesome to add another honor/title to Bosse Field's long resume? It takes no time at all to vote - so let's make it happen!

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