What began as a joke about Christmas movie The Holiday has turned into a real-life rom-com for one TikToker.

TikTok user @Grace_Gagnon recently watched the Cameron Diaz- and Kate Winslet-starring holiday film and decided to post a TikTok about it.

The rom-com's premise finds two women struggling with their respective relationships before they decide to switch houses (and countries) over the holiday break to get away from everything.

"Anyone in England want to switch places for the holiday?" Grace wrote on TikTok alongside a video tour of her studio apartment located on Boston's waterfront. What she didn't expect was over 2.7 million views in just four days.

But what was initially intended to be a joke has turned into an actual house swap.

Grace has had numerous requests (mostly through TikTok or Instagram) from others to swap homes, with offers pouring in from London, Scotland and Ireland. Now, the TikToker is hoping to swap homes within the next month — though she's taking security precautions, including requiring security deposits and background checks for whoever she ends up trading places with.

“It’s such a TikTok story!” Grace told NBC Boston“The other night I was just scrolling TikTok, and I had an idea to use The Holiday theme music and post this video as a joke showcasing my apartment."

The only thing that's left to make this real-life story the same as the movie is a budding romance.

“If I met a really handsome man and it was intriguing to me... I mean heck! I’d be ready for my Cameron Diaz moment," she added. "But I’m not going into the experience with that in mind. I just want to go and have fun, make some new friends, if possible, and if someone appealing comes along then, you know what? I’m in!”

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