Maybe you've watch the newest Netflix series, 'Tidying Up', and now your car is full of garbage bags. Well, that's not me. 

Over the weekend my husband, Doug, and I watched a couple of episodes of the latest Netflix show that everyone is binging, and now I'm afraid that he's going to get rid of everything in the house! He doesn't need any encouraging in the de-cluttering department.

I freak out when he throws things away. What if I need that?! Ok, truthfully, I should be thankful that at least one of us loves to clean, otherwise I'd be on 'Hoarders'.

Take a look into my kitchen cabinets.

See what I mean, it's a hot mess! Photo by Liberty
I basically have no tupperware lids that match any of my containers. Photo by Liberty
Fun fact: I have a Keurig and a full size coffee maker. Photo by Liberty
Most of these bottles and cans are probably empty. Photo by Liberty
We don't even have a matching set of silverware. I swear forks are the socks of the kitchen. Photo by Liberty
Truth: I sometimes just throw stuff in & see if the door will close. Photo by Liberty