If you enjoy the music on MY105.3, I'm going to assume that you really enjoy (more specifically) the music we play from the 80s and 90s. If that assumption is true, then I should also assume that you especially enjoy our weekly Throwback Thursday competition.

How Our Throwback Thursday Competition Works

Each Thursday morning, Liberty and I choose an old-school song, something from the 80s or 90s. The goal is to get the most votes for your song, so in order to do that, we both plead our cases around 7:35am. After that, the outcome is out of our hands - you determine the winner by voting on Facebook, AppChat, or on the phone. We play the winning song on the air at 8:10am.

There is one caveat when it comes to choosing our songs. The previous week's winner gets to choose whatever song their little heart desires. The previous week's loser, however, forfeits the right to choose a song, and must ask our listeners for help. The loser then picks a song from all those that get suggested.

This Week's Loser

We will start with the losing song - which comes from Liberty this week. Libertty actually won last week, so this selection was all her's. It is no secret that INXS is one of Liberty's all-time favorite bands, so it's no surprise that she chose an INXS song. This week she went with "Devil Inside" from the band's 1987 album Kick. She got a lot of votes - perhaps the most AppChat votes a song has ever gotten - but just not quite enough. So, Liberty takes the L this week, and will team up with a listener next week.

This Week's Winner

I would love to take credit for this win, but I really can't. The credit has to go to Tracy and Kris who both recommended this song on our Facebook page. It just so happens that I'm a big fan of this artist, so it was an easy choice. This week's winner is "Now That We Found Love" from Heavy D & The Boys, featuring vocals from Aaron Hall (from the R&B group Guy). Hip Hop and R&B from the 90s is right there in my wheelhouse, so this was a no-brainer for me. It was an awesome trip down memory lane, just like a Throwback Thursday should be.

Be sure to listen next Thursday at 7:35am when we plead our cases for two more songs, and then be sure to vote for the one you want to hear. We will play the winner at 8:10am.

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