Three children were hit and killed by a vehicle while waiting at a bus stop in Fulton County, Indiana. A fourth child was struck and injured.

Police say all three children - two girls and a boy - were of elementary school age.

ISP says the incident happened at approximately 7:15 at a bus stop in the 4800 block of South State Road 25 near Rochester.

Fulton County is about 4.5 hours North of Evansville.

Police have confirmed the children were boarding the bus, and the stop-arm was out at the time. A vehicle headed the opposite direction hit the children.

The students attended a school in the Tippecanoe Valley School District.

Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation released the below statement following the crash:

"Our school corporation has suffered a tragedy this morning. We have learned of three student fatalities and one student seriously injured and airlifted to a Fort Wayne hospital as they were hit by a vehicle while boarding their bus.

We have deployed all school counselors to meet the emotional needs of our staff, students and parents."

Let this be an extremely important reminder to use caution when traveling at ALL TIMES - but especially during the morning and afternoon hours as children head to and from school.

Evansville Police have also warned drivers to use caution over the next few days as trick-or-treaters will be out and about.

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