Our friend Shanna Groeninger is the Resource Development Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Evansville, and she was our guest for this week's edition of This or That. Now, I haven't really done the research to back up this claim, but I'm pretty sure (99%) that Shanna is our first repeat guest for This or That. We first played this ridiculous game with Shanna back in July of 2020. We've had her on the show several times since then, but we felt now was a good time to put her back in the hot seat and grill her with some new This or That questions. Of course, Shanna is down for anything!

As usual, most of our questions are silly and frivolous, and the answer really has no real-life implications - this week they were questions about streaming habits, the perfect dip, and personal hygiene. Also, as usual, we try to pin our guest between a rock and a hard place with at least one question. - for Shanna, the tough question involved her husband. It was a simple question, a simple choice - date night or girl's night out? We fully admit that with this kind of choice we are trying to stir the pot a little bit - make our guests sweat a little bit. Do I tick off my friends or my hubby?

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Try as we might, Shanna wasn't phased. She considered her options, made her choice, and then defended it with an explanation that we could not rebut. She's a true This or That pro. Take a listen to the episode below. Pay attention around the 1:30 mark, when I try (and fail) to twist Shanna's words and embarrass her a little bit. Also, at 2:38 we learn another interesting fact about Liberty - we peel back another one of her many layers. Haha!

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