This stroller is a whole new level! The website describes it as, "Smartbe offers a climatized carry cot, a feeding bottle warmer, an automatic rocking chair, automatic power folding, music, an electronic locker, an anti-theft sensor, a microphone and webcams, among other breakthrough features."

Here is the kicker -- Smartbe is self-propelled. The stroller stays in front of the user and is synced with their movement from their phone.

I am ok with the bottle warmer and climate control "carry cot", which I like to call a seat, but self propelled! ummm, that is scary and to be honest, I want to push my babies in the stroller. Makes me feel connected to them and away of where they are and what they are doing. How hard can it be to push the stroller? Even running with the stroller, half the fun is getting an extra work out while pushing it.
This is silly and I don't get it. AND I won't be getting it because it is a $3,000 stroller. :)

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