As people around the country prepare for Thanksgiving, their menus are sure to filled with a plethora of side dishes. In my opinion, the turkey is the least important part of a Thanksgiving meal - give me all them sides!

It's difficult (nearly impossible) to choose just one, but if you had to, what would you say is your favorite turkey day side dish? It's tough to beat stuffing, but then there's also all of those yummy casseroles - green bean, corn, hash brown, broccoli, sweet potato, oh my! And you can't forget the king of all side dishes, MAC & CHEESE (you should probably kneel).

Of course, tastes and preferences vary from region to region and state to state. Food in the South is way different from what you'll find the Northwest. But, what about when it comes to Thanksgiving...have you ever wondered what the most popular side dish is in your state? The folks at did some digging, some research - they used Google Trends to determine what Thanksgiving side each state eats a disproportionate amount of, and they put together a handy dandy map that shows us the answers.

You'll notice several states, 10 to be exact, choose mashed potatoes over all others. The next most popular side dish is mac & cheese (bend the knee), followed by green bean casserole. Now, I want you to take a look at Indiana. Apparently, Hoosiers prefer deviled eggs on Thanksgiving more than any other side dish, and we are the only state in our great country to make that choice. I don't know if I should be kinda proud that we are so unique, or if I should be confused, or appalled. Don't get me wrong, I like deviled eggs, but they are certainly way down on my list of sides. Oh well, at least we aren't Kentucky - I love you Bluegrass state, but come on, broccoli casserole...really?
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